Porto BizTalk Innovation Day

On March 14 the BizTalk Crew showed up in already their second event in 2013! This time it was Sandro who organized an event in his hometown Porto.

Although the BizTalk community in Portugal is pretty compact, Sandro managed to get 40 attendants at the fantastic venue in the old city center of Porto. Amongst them there were people from Belgium, The Netherlands and of course Portugal.

Also people from Microsoft showed up and even a Product Manager from the BizTalk Product Team came all the way from India to show Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to further evolve BizTalk in a belated keynote (due to flight delay). This was most probably the first time that a member of a Microsoft Product Team of any technology was at an event in Portugal!!

As always the sessions were interesting and very cutting edge. Each member of the BizTalk crew showed, in his own style, many many interesting topics regarding BizTalk in al of its aspects. I hope to publish their PowerPoint presentations soon on this website.

After the sessions their was a Q&A panel. There were amongst others questions about hybrid BizTalk solutions (partially on-premise and partially in the cloud) which led to interesting discussions.

The event ended with drinks and socializing, but the die-hards had diner with the BizTalk crew and the Microsoft representatives with typical food from Porto.






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