Updates from the BizTalk Summit 2013 in Seattle

November 21st and 22nd Microsoft organised the BizTalk Summit 2013 in the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle. Around 300 people visited this event, amongst them many MVP’s and other community members.
A couple of them blogged about the event and wrote about what we can expect in the near future on topics like BizTalk and Windows Azure BizTalk Services.

As you’ll find out while reading those articles, we’ll see more great things happening on the mentioned products!

Mick Badran, Breeze Training (Australia)http://blogs.breeze.net/mickb/2013/11/25/BizTalk2013BizTalkSummitWrapUp.aspx

Massimo Cripa, Codit (Belgium)

Saravana Kumar, BizTalk360 (United Kingdom)

Dan Toomey, Mexia (Australia)

Koen van Oost, i8c (Belgium)

Kent Weare, TransAlta (Canada)

Have fun reading the articles!

The sessions of the event can be viewed on Channel 9: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BizTalk-Integration-Summit/2013

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