Dutch BTUG organizes BizTalk Saturday

On 18 January 2014 the Dutch BizTalk User Group organizes its first BizTalk Saturday. The session is prepared by Microsoft Integration MVP Steef-Jan Wiggers and Ronald Lokers. The event becomes hosted by Axon Olympus in Utrecht. As this is a try-out, only 15 people can attend this event.

During this 5 hour session the attendees will get their hands on Windows Azure BizTalk Service (WABS).

The schedule looks as follows:

  • Developing an EAI Bridge
  • Deploying and testing an EAI Bridge
  • Coffee Break
  • Tracking/Archiving
  • Lunch
  • Custom coding
  • Coffee Break
  • BizTalk Services Management
  • Discussion

Although the event is already sold out, you can find more information about this event on the EventBrite page of the Dutch BTUG: http://www.eventbrite.nl/e/registratie-btug-nl-biztalk-saturday-op-2014-01-18-9799116421


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