User Groups

BizTalk and Connected Systems User Groups
Atlanta BizTalk User Group:
Auckland Connected Systems User Group:
Belgian BizTalk User Group:
BizTalk Saturday:
Brisbane BizTalk User Group:
Dutch BizTalk User Group:
Integration User Group:
Italian Connected Systems User Group:
Melbourne BizTalk User Group:
Microsoft Integration Architects:
Phoenix Connected Systems User Group:
Swedish BizTalk User Group:
Sydney Connected Systems User Group:
The BizTalk User Group:
UK Connected Systems User Group:

BizTalk and Connected Systems User Groups on LinkedIn
Belgian Chapter:
Dallas/Fort Worth Connected Systems User Group:
Danish Chapter:
Dutch Chapter:
Finish Chapter:
Microsoft Integration Architects:
Norwegian Chapter:
Norwegian Chapter (Western Norway):
Phoenix Connected Systems User Group:
UK Connected systems User Group:


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